About Anna St. Amand

Anna St. Amand is a highly qualified educator in the Jacksonville, St. Augustine area. She has worked for over 5 years as a teacher for children with special needs (both in self-contained and inclusion classrooms) and children in the general education setting.


Anna graduated from Wake Forest University with a BA in Elementary Education and German. While there she was trained by Pat Cunningham, founder of Four Blocks, a reading program that is used nation wide. She gained experience in the North Carolina school system and studied abroad with the education program in Vienna, Austria where she also acquired classroom experience. She then went to the University of Virginia where she graduated with a Masters in Early Childhood and Developmental Risk. After graduating, Anna gained more experience in the Virginia public schools. While there, Anna was trained in Wilson Reading and is currently working on her Wilson Reading certification.  She also received basic training in ABA therapy and how to apply it in the classroom setting. Anna then moved down to Jacksonville, FL, where she was trained in Singapore Math, The Daily Five, and Cafe. Throughout her training, Anna gained extensive experience in typical and atypical development.

Work Experience:

Anna has taught children from birth through 6th grade both in classroom settings and 1:1 through tutoring and early childhood intervention. She has been an Early Childhood Special Education teacher as well as a general education teacher. She has extensive experience with childhood evaluations and coordinating  special services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language therapy. Anna has been tutoring children with varying abilities ages 2-12 for over 5 years.

Research and Continuing education

During her Masters degree, Anna conducted research on premature birth and the effect it has on future cognitive, language, and social development. Through this research Anna developed a desire to empower parents and provide them with the knowledge they need to help their child. Anna is also continuing her education by working on her certification in Wilson Reading in order to best help children with reading disorders such as Dyslexia.