Reading tutor in Jacksonville, FL

Do you have a difficult time getting your child to sit down and read a book? Is your child struggling to read? Are you concerned about their reading progress in school? It may be time to make a change. Hire Anna St. Amand to improve your child’s literacy skills and open their world to a life-long love of reading.

Reading Tutoring Services

If you live in the Jacksonville/ St. Augustine, FL  area, you are in luck. Anna St. Amand can spark your child’s interest in reading.  Here are the services your child will receive when you hire ABCs by Anna:

  • In home, 1:1 specialized attention from a highly educated professional
  • Basic literacy skill development
  • Homework help
  • Critical thinking skills for tackling higher level literacy skills

ABC’s by Anna is geared towards children ages 3 through 12 or sixth grade. Each tutoring session will be tailored to meet the specific needs of you and your child. Session lengths and rates are dependent upon your child’s age and need, and the number of sessions per week is dependent upon the amount of intervention required.

Reading Tutoring For Children Ages 3-5:

It is incredibly important to develop strong pre-literacy skills to set your child up for future success in school. By mastering letters and letter sounds before entering kindergarten, your child will right on track or even ahead of the game when starting school.  This is where Anna will start when providing tutoring services to your child.  By  focusing on phonics and phonemic awareness through games and hands on manipulatives, Anna will work with your young child to provide a solid foundation in basic literacy skills that will give them the boost they need to have the most success in their future school years.


Reading Tutoring For Children Ages 6-12:

When children enter school age the reading requirements and difficulty levels increase.  Children may have shown no issues the year before, but as the curriculum gets harder they may start to show areas of weakness. This weakness could be in phonics, phonemic awareness, or comprehension and critical thinking skills. It is important at this time to intervene early so that they do not become discouraged or get behind. Sometimes just a little 1:1 review and attention is all that it takes. The earlier students receive help, the quicker they catch up and the less they are affected in school.

What to expect when you contact me:

  • Prompt response
  • Professional attitude
  • Positive and friendly service
  • Personalized service plan for you child
  • Progress reports to document your child’s improvement

Tutoring rates and lengths:

Ages 3 – 5: Minimum of 30 minutes and maximum of 1 hour per session due to limited attention spans. Number of sessions depend on the needs of the child. Tutoring sessions are available during the day or after school hours.  Tutoring rates range from$35 -$45  per hour and adjusted to match the time spent with the child.

Ages 6-12 : Minimum of 1 hour and maximum of 2 hours per session to maximize productivity and attention. Number of sessions depend on the needs of the child. Tutoring sessions are available after school hours. Tutoring rates are $35 per hour

The first session will be a consultation, and will last 30 minutes. During this time, Anna will first talk to you and listen to your concerns and vision. Then she will work with your child to get to know them, determine their attention span and on what the tutoring should focus.